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The wave forms of signals such as square waves, sine waves, and sawtooth waves can be measured using an oscilloscope. It also measures the frequency of that signal with an exact time period and voltage. There are two different types of oscilloscopes available in the market first one is traditional type Cathode Ray Oscilloscope and another one is Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

                      i. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

                              In the cathode ray oscilloscope waveforms monitored via cathode ray tube same as used in older televisions. CRT displays the wave forms of signals according to various parameters set on the device. There are two or more probes to measure the signals from any source.



                     ii. Digital Storage Oscilloscope

                In this type of oscilloscope only have the difference of lcd display instead of cathode ray tube to display wave forms. It also have the capability to store the measured wave forms in it for later study or experiments.


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