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How to burn bootloader to ATMEGA328P-PU
Burn bootloader to atmega328p-PU is not rocket science, anyone having a little knowledge can do it. First of all we need to know about the pin
configuration of atmega328p ic. The SPI pins of the ic chip are used to burn bootloader to the EEPROM memory, such as MISO,MOSI,SCK,CS/SS.

Follow these steps
1.First we need arduino UNO R3 board having bootloader
2.Connect it with pc via usb
3.Go to  File--Examples--Arduino ISP and upload the code to UNO

4.Go to TOOLS--PORT-- Set port , PROGRAMMER-- Arduino as ISP

5.Connect the pin 10 of Arduino - reset pin of ic
                    pin 11      - MOSI
                    pin 12      - MISO
                    pin 13      - SCK

6.Go to Tools- and click Burn bootloader

7.Wait until the burning process to finish.

Note:- This method will works only with ATMEGA328P-PU, ATMEGA328P needs to change the signature.



ATMEGA328P-PU to Arduino SPI connections

Screenshot (63).png
Screenshot (67).png
Screenshot (66).png

ATMEGA328P-PU pinout diagram


ATMEGA328P-PU General purpose circuit diagram

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